2018.6.18 (MON) 7:30pm

Esplanade Concert Hall, Singapore

CHEN Xieyang  Conductor

Suzhou Symphony Orchestra

ZHU JIAN'ER       Symphony No. 2, Op. 28

PROKOFIEV        Suite No. 1 from Romeo and Juliet, Op. 64bis

PROKOFIEV        Suite No. 2 from Romeo and Juliet, Op. 64ter

PROKOFIEV        Suite No. 3 from Romeo and Juliet, Op. 101

On the first leg of its Asian tour, Maestro CHEN Xieyang and the dynamic Suzhou Symphony Orchestra bring to the Singaporean audience a daring programme featuring Prokofiev’s epic re-telling of a universally beloved tale of love and the diametrically powerful realism of Zhu Jian’Er’s sonic world.

Under the baton of Maestro CHEN, the SZS showcases its technical virtuosity and musical maturity in consecutive execution of all three Prokofiev suites of Romeo and Juliet.

Educated at the “Tchaikovsky” Conservatory in Moscow and greatly influenced by Soviet composers like Prokofiev, Zhu Jian’Er is regarded as China’s forerunner in the symphonic art. The SZS pays tribute to him with a poignant rendition of his monumental work, the Symphony No. 2, which is a musical narrative of Chinese history viewed through the prism of Western-style symphony. Completed in 1987, the symphony was a critical success at its premiere in the 13th Shanghai Spring International Music Festival conducted by CHEN Xieyang.

One of the most revered musicians in China, CHEN Xieyang has spearheaded the development of symphony orchestra through the generations. With Mo. CHEN at the helm, the musicians of the SZS hail from 19 countries and territories. Established only in November 2016, the Suzhou Symphony Orchestra has already presented a well-rounded symphonic season, fully implemented chamber music and education outreach series, co-hosted opera and ballet productions, completed several international and domestic tours, and organised international music competitions.

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Setia Spice Convention Centre, Malaysia

CHEN Xieyang  Conductor

Suzhou Symphony Orchestra

LI HUANZHI                                                             Spring Festival Overture

Jiangsu Folktune/XI QIMING & YE GUOHUI           Jasmine Flower

HUA YANJUN/DING ZHINUO & CHEN XIEYANG   The Moon Reflected on the Lake Er-Quan

Yunnan Folktune/BAO YUANKAI                             Song of Riddles

Jiangsu Folktune/BAO YUANKAI                             Tune of Black Bamboo

Taiwan Folktune/BAO YUANKAI                              Girls in the Ali Mountains

WANG FULING/DING XIAOLI                                  My Chinese Heart

MAO YUAN & LIU TIESHAN                                    Dance of the Yao People

JAY CHOU/ZHENG SHIXIU                                     Chrysanthemum Terrace, for orchestra and chorus

YAO FENG/ZHENG SHIXIU                                     The Fluttering Flag In The Breeze, for orchestra and chorus

JIANG YING                                                              The Silk Road