In Their Own Words......(Part II)

Tongji University Architecture Firm, Chief Architect: Yunbing Zhou:

“The inspiration for the design of this concert hall comes from the softness in the local culture of Suzhou and from the fluidity of music itself. The idea for designing these tiles on the wall shaped like a fan comes from the folding fans, a traditional element of Suzhou, which has a decorative effect but also fulfills an important acoustical function with its irregular surfaces perfect for the reflection of sound.”

Feng Xu, principal architect of the Jinji Lake Concert Hall, professor of architecture at the Tongji University School of Architecture:

“Suzhou is a city with two facades. It is an ancient culture with a long legacy in the theatre art, featuring such cherished genres as the Pingtan and the Kunqu Opera. It is also a contemporary society with modern ventures. The construction of the Suzhou Jinji Lake Concert Hall has taken a giant leap forward in the internationalization of the city and is in perfect synchronicity with the spirit of the Suzhou Industrial Park,” Mr. Xu proudly comments. He adds that “the Suzhou Jinji Lake Concert Hall possesses a distinct Suzhou feel with all the stylistic elements of Suzhou represented in its design. Any audience member anywhere who sees an image of this concert hall can easily identify this hall as Suzhou’s own concert hall.”